A collection of links about sketchnoting, learning resources, research, etc.

Kathy Schrock – Sketchnoting in the Classroom

Kathy Schrocks amazing collection – not all links work – I have some of the resources already but worth more review



Brain Doodles

– lessons – stored on my iPad – nicely done – he walks the talk – an educator who wants to collaborate and share – uses sketches throughout his rich website



Dave Gray’s website and explanation of Visual Thinking

Two columns by Craighton Berman, 2011, Core77

Sketchnotes 101: Visual Thinking

How to Sketchnote

Samples of some of his sketchnotes – see http://codex.core77.com/users/Craighton-Berman

A collection of articles from Core77 – Drawing


A rambling account of how he did a sketchnote using his phone (iPad) ? and a pre-recorded youtube presentation – with examples

Research related to visuals and images in learning


“the human mind operates with two distinct classes of mental representation (or “codes”), verbal representations and mental images, and that human memory thus comprises two functionally independent (although interacting) systems or stores, verbal memory and image memory. Imagery potentiates recall of verbal material because when a word evokes an associated image (either spontaneously, or through deliberate effort) two separate but linked memory traces are laid down, one in each of the memory stores. Obviously the chances that a memory will be retained and retrieved are much greater if it is stored in two distinct functional locations rather than in just one”

Visual Facilitation Cookbook


Published by Estonian UNESCO Youth Association in cooperation with Piepildīto Sapņu Istaba and Cooperativa Bracciant, funded with support from European Commission

(downloaded to desktop – Graphic- Visual Facilitation)

5 chapters – 1. what is Visual Facilitation and how does it work?; 2. basic elements of visual language; 3. tools – pre-prepared graphic templates, layouts, other tools, real-life cases; 4. games and exercises with visual component; 5. references, resources

Found on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/creativelearningcookbook/

Silvia Tolisano – @langwitches – Slideshare – Sketchnoting for Learning



examples of sketchnotes with elementary kids – some how to – another perspective

Like the people drawings in this planning wall chart from SCETUG – https://etug.ca/2016/09/29/etug-2015-16-year-in-review/

Guilia Forsythe – Brock University – inspired by DS106 – did a TED Talk – shares all her sketchnotes on subjects of education under cc-license – https://www.flickr.com/photos/gforsythe/