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Inspired by FLO micro-course!

I’m currently on a professional learning journey – exploring longer, ongoing learning (through BCCampus Online Book Club) and distinctly separate (but linked) digestible chunks of learning offered by Sylvia Currie and her FLO’rs (through FLO – MicroCourses)* I’ve taken one micro-course (Creating and using rubrics) on and I’m immersed in the 2nd: Experience and design […]

The risks of “free” tools

Why is it that we are so shocked when our free tools change? While it can be annoying, somewhat sad, or potentially expensive, why are we so surprised? A recent mini-Twitter storm erupted when Padlet announced changes to their popular collaborative bulletin board service that would see the cost go from zero to roughly $100 […]

Making learning personal

Have you noticed the the increased use of the terms “individualization”, “differentiation” and “personalization” ? While more prevalent in K-12 education conversations, the terms (often linked with adaptive technologies) are increasingly part of the focus within higher education. They are cited as being part of the move to more effectively engage diverse learners and help […]

Why Nov 7 was a sad day

“Twitter officially expands its character count to 280 starting today”  Techcrunch “Twitter is rolling out 280-character tweets around the world” The Verge “Twitter’s 280-character limit comes to the masses” Engadget “Twitter introduces 280 characters to all users”  The Independent Although not one of those who “howled” in protest, I was saddened that Twitter executives expanded […]