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Teacher development | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC

The teacher development section includes information about our training courses, our CPD framework, publications, research database and many other resources to help with professional development.

Source: Teacher development | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC

Assessment Tools

This whole collection (open licensed) from Carleton and SERC is worth reviewing and reflecting on – maybe future blog post or recreate ideas with an ID lens?

Source: Assessment Tools

Elicit Information from Students — Laurillard – YouTube

Interesting how this saves. This is a collection of videos by David Rubeli called Learning. A very opinionated collection in terms of representing the “new” vision of teaching and learning – although many of these theories, approaches, concepts have been around for a long time. What caught my eye was the interview with Laurillard “Elicit Information from Students” – worth watching and extracting nuggets perhaps or clipping sections to make “thinking moments” in an online course? No visible licensing (standard youtube) maybe check back to original – in Laurillard case – Penn State University World Campus Faculty Development (see https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUl2RwQ0EgzSj99FOe1z8JQ)



How to interpret course learning outcomes

interpreting learning outcomes, and in recognising other clues which you may find in:the words that your tutor usesthe words in other materials, such as handouts and textbooks.

Source: How to interpret course learning outcomes

A really interesting site from a private contractor (I think) for UK universities. This is a clearly explained way for a student to understand learning outcomes with some tips on how to use textbooks and pick up clues from a tutor about what is expected of the student – nice. Haven’t seen this approach elsewhere.