Western University – Course Design Workshops

Special Workshop – May 2017 – Intercultural

Goals: gto introduce participants to a set of learning activities and facilitation tools that they will be able to use when they facilitate intercultural, cosmopolitan or global learning in their class.

Participants will

  1. begin to (re)design a course that promotes global engagement in their discipline;
  2. become familiar with intensity factors that may affect student learning in diverse settings (Paige, 1993); and
  3. design reflective learning activities and debriefing strategies that will help students articulate what they have learned from intercultural learning experiences.

Check out:

Paige, R. M. (1993). On the nature of intercultural experiences and intercultural education. In R. M. Paige (Ed.), Education for the intercultural experience (pp. 1–20). Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press.

Leask, B. (2013). Internationalizing the curriculum in the disciplines: Imagining new possibilities. Journal of Studies in International Education, 17(2), 103-118. about the role of faculty in developing intercultural components in their courses  CBIE Research

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