FLO-FDO Multimedia Artifacts

We’re starting to build a collection of examples of introductions, instructions, explanations and other items (objects?) that FLO-FDO participants have created using different free Web2 tools. If you’re created a multimedia object that you’re willing to share, please contact SylviaR for access to this page.

by FLO-FDO Participants

Week 3 Top 5 Padlet boardPadlet – Top Five Suggestions for Instructor – First Steps

 Week 3 – Responsive Facilitation activity – what can instructor do to respond to

  • mid-point feedback from students in online course
  • Padlet open boards created by VioletP – clear instructions
  • Recommendation – Why? structure of responses from Digital Divas: CarlaF, GingerG, GolnazG, WandaK
  • https://padlet.com/violetcpergel/y6s8epqovyif

Mindmeister – Maps of Responsive Facilitation Activity Step 1 & Step 2

Map Week 3 Step 1Map Week 3 Step 2







Violet's Mind MapMindmeister – VioletP’s Moving Forward Map to Facilitating Successfully Online





Piktochart infographicPiktochart – Need feedback? Poll Everywhere

  • an infographic shared by AndreaK, Sept 2015 FLO – Section B
  • created with free tool Piktochart
  • AndreaK reviewed the free tool Poll Everywhere (see review in Engagement page)






GoogleFormGoogle Forms – Course Review Task Force – Proposing Solutions

Powtoon 5 FactsPowtoon – 05 Facts about adult learning`

Prezi Week 3 summaryPrezi – Summary of mini-session feedback for Week 3 (Purple Team)

Prezi - IntrovertsPrezi – The Other Half of Your Classroom: Tapping the Power of Introverts

 Powtoon Tuckmans 5 StagesPowtoon – Tuckman’s 5 Stages of Group Development

Powtoon MiniSession IntroPowtoon – Choosing Your Tools – instructions for Week 3 mini-session

SylviaC Sway IntroSway – Introduction by SylviaC – Week 1 Introductions FLO

Tellagami – Week 1 reminders by SylviaR’s avatar