Welcome to an updated collection site for resources I’ve created or shared in recent Facilitating Learning Onlines courses.

FLO MicroCourse – Jan 2021

Testing accordions for sharing large collections of open resources for professional development

Archived FLO Harvest

The FLO Harvest collection was a compilation of tools, ideas, artefacts, readings and resources contributed by FLO facilitators and participants since 2004. After each offering of the popular five week Facilitating Learning Online workshops, by BCcampus or by Royal Roads University, contributions were posted to the Wikispaces collaborative wiki. Unfortunately, in 2018, Wikispaces decided to close down rather than try to update the wiki service so I offered to host the collection on my website. And then I stepped away from active FLO facilitation and new facilitators moved on to using new media, sites and services. I’m keeping this visible in case anyone looks for something they shared in the past. I’d say the last update was 2019.

If you have any comments or contributions, please contact me (sylviar at educomm dot ca)