More Tool Ideas

Some tools that have been used in FLO workshops seem to resist easy categorization. If we’ve seen it used, but think that it might be useful in several categories, we’ll leave it on this page.

Check out the Northern “Choose Your Tools” report:

  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • DoodlePoll
  • Facebook
  • GoogleDocs
  • Padlet

Six trainers who participated in the first Northern FLO workshop (spring 2017) chose 6 social media tools and tested them between various communities. Their specific purpose was to identify potential tools to assist in their remote delivery of an innovative pilot program “Community Recreation Leadership Training” that offered training to emerging recreation leaders across NWT, Nunavut and Yukon from Sept 2017-June 2018.

Bitmoji –

a free app for iPhone, Android or through Google Chrome extension

  • free version available but only for smartphone users or Google Chrome
  • requires access to your gmail account, various other permissions on Android, i0S
  • can add different emojis to course pages, forums, emails

used by BonnieN in Sept2016 FLO

Note: Bitstrips (free comic strip maker) taken offline 2016 –   Replaced with Bitmoji


Pinterest logoPinterest –

a popular social media bulletin board service – users create collections of artifacts, videos, pages they find on the Internet and categorize them – tool used in Wk3 mini-session – ISWo Sept 2014

used by BethCG for Intro in Apr FLO and May RRU FLO

  • free account – create public or private boards – collect ideas from mobile device or desktop
  • collect interesting images or ideas or products – be careful of copyright issues – Pinterest is not liable for any copyright infringement and will bill you for legal troubles if they ensue –
  • very popular – primarily female users – used by some educators (
  • for non-members, a public board is partially blocked by an annoying moving wall – Beth ended up recording a video to explain what people were missing so they wouldn’t have to sign up for Pinterest to see her Intro; didn’t seem to be an issue for FLO RRU – people enjoyed signing up and experimenting with Pinterest.

Storify – ** we are no longer allowing new users to sign up and will end existing users’ access to on May 16, 2018.

  • free to sign up for individual – only wants email address and password – can sign up with Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • harvests popular social media sights – also allows you to add what you find with a bookmarklet
  • drag and drop page design – `your story is always editable`- no coding knowledge required
  • an easy way to become a web curator

Samples from ISWo Sept 2014

Adobe Max Conference – by MichelleJ –

Trends in Online Learning –

Adult Online Learning – by JocelynH –

StoryboardThat –

online storyboard creator that helps visually communicate ideas and concepts to quickly tell a story.

  • free account for educators
    • limits you to 2 storyboards per week, only 3 and 6 cells
    • publishes with watermark
    • exports to PowerPoint or saves high res images

SylviaC used to create brief intro for FDO – used by various participants in May2016 FDO

Sway logoSway (Office Sway) –

a Microsoft Office digital storytelling app to create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more.

  • web-based – free – just need an free Microsoft account
  • shareable through social media – lots of features

SylviaC used for an intro artifact – see FLO-FDO samples

SylviaR used for LBLF activity in Apr2016 FLO

Voki –

a Web2.0 service that allows you to create speaking avatars to use as “learning tools”

Suggested by SylviaR

  •  free accounts – can store Vokis once account is created
  • embeddable in course pages or web pages
  • different scenes and characters available with free acct (can buy more)
  • up to 60 second audio recording

Note: only some mature adults seem to respond to avatars; mixed response from younger learners (18-24) Use to communicate brief messages in an unusual way – catch student interest