Found: KPU’s helpful experiential learning advice

I took another look around BC’s teaching and learning sites and discovered a wealth of materials, tips and suggestions for experiential learning through KPU’s Teaching & Learning Commons. This agglomeration of resources could be enormously helpful to any instructor debating how, when and where (and why) to implement different types of experiential learning.

KPU’s Experiential Learning pages go beyond presenting video stories from students and community partners or links to specific courses or programs that include experiential learning/ opportunities. The Experiential Learning pages are full of practical advice and helpful forms and resources. You can explore:

  • a Guidebook with practical advice about how to plan and implement experiential learning
  • forms
  • tips for community partners and students, and
  • a motley assortment of external resources to broaden your understanding of the history, pedagogical foundations, and leaders of this field.

If you’re considering adding some experiential learning activities or assignments to your teaching, this looks like a great place to start.

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