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While I was poking around my list of BC’s Teaching and Learning Centres, I came across Royal Roads University’s TEAMSWORK site – what a helpful collection of ideas and resources to explore!

Teamwork, or collaborative / cooperative learning, are part of most learning and work experiences these days. In the past, students have complained about the necessity of working in teams to complete assignments, projects and courses, often because they felt unprepared or they experienced inequities in grading or assessments due to unequal participation/contributions from team members. Another significant factor was the difficulty of scheduling team meetings.

RRU’s TEAMSWORK site provides comprehensive information for students, staff and faculty.

  • Students:
    • tips on starting off a team project
    • ideas for maintaining a healthy team
    • how to complete a group assignment successfully
    • learning in online or multicultural teams
  • Faculty and Staff
    • ideas for methods and tools to support effective collaboration
    • designing assessments and activities effectively
    • guiding and supporting teams
    • what to do when teams experiences conflict

Check out this brief sample of references and resources:

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RRU – Teamswork:

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