Dec 20


Dec 20th – https://blogs.reading.ac.uk/tel/2017/11/  UofBrighton did a livestreamed online event after the 12Apps called Burning of the Apps – doing something similar this year.

OpenLearn (Open University UK) has released an interesting Advent calendar – http://www.open.edu/openlearn/advent

School of Arts & Humanities at Nottingham Trent University – https://aahltsu.blog/2017/11/29/12-apps-of-christmas-week1/  releases 4 apps to try each Thurs – not as much structure as ours?

University of Limerick   https://ul12apps.wordpress.com/    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting the 20th of November, a post is published at 10am on the 12 Apps of Christmas course page. The post will contain suggestions of how to use that days app and how it might work effectively for you in a professional/learning/teaching context. 

blog post from York – https://blog.yorksj.ac.uk/moodle/2017/11/27/12-apps-of-christmas-2017/

not much happening in UK this year – got Julian/Keith to correct Chris’ listing – see Chris Rowell’s new job-fallow 12 apps year post https://totallyrewired.wordpress.com/2017/11/21/12-apps-of-christmas-2017-12aoc/

Just doing 1 app – Dec 12 – Thinglink    12appsofchrismas.ca

for ETUG Fall 2017 – October 27 at Vancouver Community College, Downtown campus (250 West Pender Street, Vancouver)

Leva and I developing a Pecha Kucha presentation to close off our Dec 2016 ETUG sponsored event – some links to help us develop 20×20

I missed some of the final stuff from UK – see screen caps – and we got on the Chris Jobling summary spreadsheet – YAY



Good source of quotations of impact from participant exit survey and Leva’s recap of the event –

Jan 2017 https://etug.ca/2017/01/25/the-simple-joy-of-learning-12-apps-of-christmas-bc/

“The project was ready to go in a breathless 4 weeks with no time to spare. We launched the first app on December 1st and completed the offering on the 16th, with a team  of 14, hailing from 10 post-secondary institutions. Approximately 200 participants joined us from B.C., Ontario, Alberta, Washington State and the U.K.’

Made the Teaching Commons @York University page – nice concise explanation of important elements, links to examples and how-to’s http://teachingcommons.yorku.ca/12-apps-of-christmas/

Chris Rowell’s blog (he’s just left Regents – not sure where – too bad – Sept 2017)

Feb 3, 2017 Recording of Webinar by Chris Rowells for UCISA webinar https://www.ucisa.ac.uk/groups/dcg/Events/2017/mooc

“A 60 mins tech talk hosted by UCISA Digital Capability Group with guests presenters Tim Neumann, from UCL and Chris Rowell, from Regents University London.

This talk will share experiences of how Chris went about creating and rolling out 12 Apps of Christmas and how UCL transferred MOOC approaches to staff development and why MOOC platforms cannot yet replace institutional virtual learning environments. In a time where organisations experience system overload, certainly utilising appropriate platforms for delivery of digital-learning is more than time and cost effective.”



Sept 2016 – developing a proposal for ETUG with Leva – trying to get BC Institutions to take on the challenge of hosting a 12Apps of Christmas event

Note:  send a message to Frances Boylan at DIT?

Send email to Leva with summary blog post from ALT that summarizes the 2015 experience and list the 6 institutions in UK that took it on last year?

From Jamestown University notice about our event!


See the 2016May case study by Chris Rowells and Andy Horton on the Information Literacy Group site – https://infolit.org.uk/category/oer-case-studies

Dublin’s 2016 12Apps page – https://the12appsofchristmas2016.wordpress.com/



The six ’12 Apps of Christmas’ 2015

Reflections on the 12 Apps of Christmashttps://altc.alt.ac.uk/blog/2015/11/reflections-on-the-12-apps-of-christmas/#gref

Nov 30, 2015   Edited by rowellc

6 versions 12AOC 2015.

from the altc article above:

This year there are 6 different versions of 12AOC (that I know of!):

Regents University London https://openeducation.blackboard.com/mooc-catalog/courseDetails/view?course_id=_517_1

Dublin Institute of Technology http://the12appsofchristmas.zohosites.com/

My note:  check out this wordpress site that includes 2014? https://the12appsofchristmas.wordpress.com/

University of West London https://the12apps.wordpress.com/

University of Brighton http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/12apps/

Anglia Ruskin University https://telvedaysataru.wordpress.com/

Manchester Metropolitan University  http://libguides.mmu.ac.uk/12apps


Check out this spreadsheet The six ’12 Apps’ of Christmas 2015 – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1an5Am5Msum0m65YgcWO5sZ-IplLICincJynPYf7honU/edit#gid=61377638   summary of data

And this Sli-do report https://www2.sli.do/event/glgnhrqq/infographic

Check out this post? https://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/acit-news/2015/12/01/the-12-apps-of-christmas/


Examples from 2015:

1.  Regent’s University, London (not my favourite) – https://openeducation.blackboard.com/mooc-catalog/courseDetails/view?course_id=_517_1

Contact:  Chris Rowell

Audience:  academic staff (lecturers, librarians, students, support staff and others at institution


  • post daily task 15 10 am every day – should be doable in 10 minutes! –  not time dependent
  • post will contain instructions for app, suggestions on how to use with students, how it might help you professionally (to work more effectively)
  • connect with others to share thru Twitter hashtag (e.g., RUL12AoC
  • materials left up for reference


Hosted on Open Education powered by Blackboard – you have to enroll but courses available for each year since 2014 – https://openeducation.blackboard.com/mooc-catalog/catalog?tab_tab_group_id=_10_1

I have access to the one I participated in last year – Sylvia185 1sKk

12 apps included:

  • Day0 – Bb Mobile Learning
  • Day1 – Sli.do
  • Day 2 – Instagram
  • Day 3 – Evernote
  • Day 4 – Feedly
  • Day 5 – Sketches
  • Day 6 – WhatsApp
  • Day 7 – Periscope
  • Day 8 – RefMe
  • Day 9 – Trello
  • Day 10 – Pinterest
  • Day 11 – Animoto
  • Day 12 – Elf Yourself!

2.  University of Brighton – http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/12apps/

3.  Dublin Institute of Technology http://the12appsofchristmas.zohosites.com/

4.  University of West London https://the12apps.wordpress.com/

5.  Anglia Ruskin University https://telvedaysataru.wordpress.com/

6.  Manchester Metropolitan University  http://libguides.mmu.ac.uk/12apps

Sample Exit Survey Regents London – 2015



Chris Rowell’s slideshare – Short Open Online Courses at Regents University London – https://www.slideshare.net

Assisted by Andy Horton, they hosted in open version of Blackboard (which still requires a login and I can’t access the earlier one as I didn’t particiate – could ask them about that)

They developed an open licensed sit – How to set up your own ’12 Apps of Christmas”  https://rul12aoc.wordpress.com/

A promo video they created about 12Apps – http://helixmedia.regents.ac.uk/Play/3360