Capilano University

Contact:  Laurie Prange-Martin, MEd (IT), MLIS, CPHR

Manager, Learning and Teaching Development

Telephone 604.983.7521     My cell 778-828-5367

Subject: December Course Design Bootcamp – December 14-15, 2016

Oct 20:  “put in a request for double the prep hours (instead of the regular 1:1) since this has never been taught at Cap before.”

Was cc’d on email from Sylvia Currie but she has no mandate to deal with Edtech. “There’s a 9-person unit in IT to handle Web & Instructional Technologies, and the training for it.  Even their budget is many, many times bigger than mine”

“This Bootcamp gives instructors a chance to prepare at least one months of materials for a new course they haven’t taught before.  It’s taking the brief course outline and coming up with the materials to get through the month of January.  It’s a supportive environment to write up the assignment package, some PowerPoints, lesson plans, and a few quizzes”

If it’s popular, will run a couple of times a year.

She’s meeting with Purchasing manager on Wed to find out more about what insurance they require.

“I fill out a Purchase Request and then it goes to the Purchasing department.  They will review for a number of items such as: dollar value (this dictates process – direct award, quote, tender, or RFP), deliverables, milestones tied to payment schedule, term, insurance, WCB, etc. and if Purchasing has any questions they will reach out to the originator of the PR.  If there are any concerns, the Purchasing department will sit down with me to go over the relevant union agreement.

What could be challenging for me is that contracts in the past to teach ISW were at the rate of $400/day.

My email to her:  “my rates for face-to-face workshops is usually $100 / hr or $800 / day. However, I’m open to negotiating as I know you have a limited budget”