A place to test and share OLAs

A test of h5P examples – first, an image map

Second, an annotated video – currently under revision!

One of the 4-5 interactive videos I’ll use to support my “engaging online learning activity”


Revised questions:

1.  Do you believe that access to free MOOCs from “top institutions” will open “doors of opportunity” to students who complete them?  2:24/2:25 insert Yes/No/Maybe

2.  When Ms Koller gave this TEDTalk, there were __43___ courses on the Coursera platform. How many courses does Coursera offer in 2015? __1,304__   Put at 4:43

3.  What factors made the first Coursera courses a “real course experience”?   6:44

– started on a given day

– weekly videos

– homework – with a grade and due date

– certificate upon completion

4.  Do you agree that these factors made Coursera MOOCs different from previous online courses?

5.  Ms Kollner cites a Science research article that showed that students show considerable improvement on various achievement tests when they      insert at 10:21

study with peers

interact frequently with the instructor

have a modern computer and good Internet access

repeat what they have already learned   correct

6.  What solution did Coursera find to the problem of assessing critical thinking in their online courses?

volunteer tutors

peer grading    correct

online discussions

more frequent quizzes

7.   Coursera was surprised to find that _______ grading correlated best with teacher awarded grades

student   – embed at12:10

8  Which of the following are examples of student interactions reported during Coursera courses   embed 13:59

formed small physical study groups

formed small virtual study groups

question and answer forums

social or cultural groups

assignment swapping    wrong ;-

9. What example did Koller provide to demonstrate the power of “big data” collected during MOOCs?  15:48

personalized feedback to correct misconceptions

10. near the end – Do you believe that providing access to free massive online education from top institutions and top instructors will help us resolve Benjamin Bloom’s 2 sigma problem?

Yes, no, maybe?    19:22